Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In Transition

Have been working on moving this Marketer's Kaleidoscope blog to the Wordpress platform. And this has taken longer than expected. Time put in on this transfer has been well spent : it's been a gr8 learning experience. But it's also kept me away from putting up any new post of late.

The 'new' blog (check it out) is still a Work-In-Progress. This new Wordpress platform promises to be more feature-rich. Among other things, it allows very many plug-ins and a choice of a few thousand themes. It is I believe going to eventually make for a richer reading experience.

The look and feel still needs some improvement, and that's going to entail my learning some CSS ! Let's hope I can get this done this weekend.

And there will probably be other improvements and necessary actions needed too.

Till the new blog matures then, dear reader, as the saying goes, "I crave your indulgence" :-)

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